Dump Truck

 If you need some dirt, gravel, garbage or any other type of dump-truck job, give Calder a call.  They can give you an estimate so you will know what to expect.

Extra Over-sized Load

 Oversized Load

Calder Service specializes in moving the large heavy loads wherever you need them moved to.  They can arrange permits and make certain whatever you’re moving arrives at its destination on time.

Gin Pole

 Gin Pole Truck

Long Haul

 Calder Services can move the largest of loads as well as the long loads across country.  The are failiar with the permitting process and they are the people to call when you need the job done.

Overweight Load

 Oil Field Trucking

If you have a heavy load, Calder has a wide variety of trucks and trailers that can move the heaviest of loads.  They have muti-axle steer vehicles that can safely and legally move your heavy loads to some very remote areas.  It’s not uncommon for Calder to use large bulldozers to safely tow trucks and trailers with heavy loads up and down steep grade dirt roads.  When they say they can move your heavy equipment, they really know their stuff and have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

Short Haul (Hot Shot)

If you need something large or small moved a short distance or a long distance real quick, Calder can hot-shot your payload fast.  They have the equipment, manpower and resources to get your job done fast.



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